Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Cllr Ian Stoker chosen as next Cardigan Deputy Mayor

It was announced in Cardigan's local paper, the Tivy Side this week, that Cllr Ian Stoker has been chosen to be Cardigan's next Deputy Mayor.

This decision was actually taken 2 weeks ago at our last full Council meeting and I was absolutely delighted to propose Ian to be the next Deputy Mayor. My proposal was seconded by Cllr Linda Grace and he was elected in a secret ballot by 6-5 against Cllr John Adams-Lewis who was proposed for the role by Cllr Gwynfi Jenkins and seconded by Cllr Catrin Miles.
Cllr Ian Stoker

Ian is an Independent Councillor on Cardigan Town Council and is a well respected member who was elected in a by-election back in 2006. He brings an invaluable and unique insight to the Council chamber as he is wheelchair user. As a Councillor, he has therefore brought to our attention, issues of access and issues of equality around town that have previously been missed.

Ian is well liked and is known to be a tenacious fighter for his Teifi Ward in southern Cardigan and will serve the town proudly as its Deputy Mayor for the year from this May. His elevation will further highlight disability causes and I look forward to continuing to work with him in his new role.

In Cardigan's long and illustrious history, I'm told that I was potentially the youngest Mayor the town has had when I served in the role in 2009-2010 of all of those that went before me dating back to 1396! In the same way, this could well be the first time that Cardigan will have benefited from having a wheelchair-using Deputy Mayor. If this is indeed the case, about time.

Well done Ian on a muchly deserved election as Cardigan's next Deputy Mayor.

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