Saturday, 12 February 2011

Yes2AV Campaign has the 'Big Mo'

Here in Wales, we're rather busy fighting for a 'Yes' referendum vote - that's the referendum for extra powers to the Welsh Assembly on March 3rd (more to follow in a blog post next week).

But that doesn't mean that we're not doing our bit to get a decisive 'Yes' vote in the AV Referendum on May 5th. Indeed, my current Cardigan Focus newsletter which is currently in production has the generic 'Yes' template literature in it, quoting me as a keen supporter.

So I'm pleased to see this ukpollingreport that announces the result of a ComRes poll for tomorrow's Independent on Sunday on the exact question that will be put to the British public in May. 40% said they would vote in favour (up 4% on the last poll a month ago) with 30% against (no change) whilst 30% said they don't know (down 4%).

So whilst there's still a lot of undecideds out there that need to be convinced of the merits of changing the electoral system, it is a shot in the arm for us progressives who see the referendum as an opportunity to shake up a tired political system. It shows that there is a positive movement from 'undecideds' to the 'Yes' camp.

As UK Polling Report concludes:

"As we know, there’s a noticable difference between the results produced by the YouGov question that summarises the systems and asks how people would vote in the referendum, and the question here that asks people to say yes or no to the question that will be asked in the referendum. However, it is notable that both questions have shown a significant shift towards AV over the last fortnight. Momentum seems to have shifted in YES campaign’s direction".

There's much still to do (in Parliament this week to get the legislation through in time and on the streets) but the evidence points to the Yes camp having that muchly required and sought after commodity - momentum.

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  1. I am a believer of FAIR votes. Not fairer votes.

    If we are to get this right, we should get it right FIRST time.

    I have been fighting Lib Dem General Elections since 1987 when we have had the policy of Proportional Representation.

    I dont feel AV is going to the solve the problem. Only 2 other countries in the world have AV. Australia and Papua New Guines (if I am not mistaken).

    AV works where there are 2 main parties, but we are a 3 party country now. Well, certainly 2.5 lol.

    I will hear the arguments and debates before I decide, but I have 25 years of campaigning telling me to stick to my principles.

    Dont get me wrong, I dislike first past the post, but to be honest, I dont worry whether my MP is local or from further afield. I have seen enough candidates being selected from outside the area.

    You may know Andrew Adonis. I voted for him as our PPC for Westbury in the mid-90's and he then went to Labour. I wonder what happened to him? LOL...