Saturday, 26 February 2011

Fianna Fail in Meltdown - Early Irish Election Results

The STV election results in Ireland really are fascinating. It will only be tomorrow afternoon that we should have the final results from yesterday's count but the early results back-up what the opinion polls were suggestion in the lead-up to the poll.

The RTE website here are showing detailed coverage of the results as they trickle in. At 6.55pm many constituencies had announced the first count results whilst others are still counting.

Of the results currently in, the latest figures are as follows...

Fine Gael - 35.3%
Labour - 22%
Fianna Fáil - 17.2%
Sinn Féin - 8.4%
Green Party - 2.2%

On the early results, Fianna Fáil are down by 20%-25% on their 2007 result and are indeed heading, as I mentioned in my blog post here, for their worst election result since 1932.

Fine Gael are indeed looking set to become the biggest party in the Irish Parliament with the Labour Party also heading towards their best ever result. Sinn Féin are also looking to double their representation at Fianna Fáil's expense.

But the final results will be determined by the transfers over the course of the next 24 hours and in what is an unprecedented election, it's impossible to second-guess how the first preferences will split further down the ballot.

But we'll know the final scores soon enough...

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