Monday, 24 January 2011

Gray, Keys & Tottenham Hotspur - Footballing Idiots

What sheer stupidity. Absolute, ridiculous nonsense.

Sky Sports presenters Andy Gray and Richard Keys should be relieved today to still have a job. They have been forced to apologise and have been removed from Sky Sports' commentary tonight of the Bolton Vs Chelsea Premiership match after their sexist comments about lineswoman Sian Massey.

What century do they live in? Here is the 'off-record' comments that has landed them in hot water.

Sian Massey is a professional and will not have been put in charge of manning one of the flanks of a top-flight football match if she didn't know the offside rules.

Come on, they're clearly both dinosaurs. What really adds to their woes is the fact that she clearly showed in the Wolves Vs Liverpool match on Saturday that she knew her stuff - the controversial Liverpool goal that looked off-side was in fact legitimate and she kept her flag down at the crucial moment to allow it to rightfully stand.

More power to her elbow and shame on both Gray (a former Villain may I add) and Keys. Yes, it was a private conversation between the two but they deserve to be shown up for being so medievel in their thinking. They're lucky to still have a job.

Is sexism still rife in football? Yes, it probably is and it should be bloody well stamped out.

A right Olympic Mess
Another footballing saga that has got my goat this week has been the on-going drama about whether either Spurs or West Ham should be given the keys to the 2012 Olympic Stadium after the games come to an end next year.

What a non-question if ever there was one.

West Ham are an East London club - they have the geographic sense to want to move into a new stadium on their turf. Tottenham Hotspur on the other hand are not and are clearly trying to grab an easy 'quick-fix' opportunity of getting over their capacity issues. White Hart Lane isn't big enough for their aspirations so the Olympic Stadium would suit them down to the ground.

But, they want to KNOCK IT DOWN and BUILD ANOTHER STADIUM at a cost of £300m on the same site. This is absolute madness. They also refuse to consider keeping the athletics track that would of course be integral to the Games in 2012. If this were allowed, it would, as Seb Coe said this week, make a mockery of Britain's original Olympic Bid. How can you have a lasting Olympic legacy if the main stadium is reverted into a football field?

At least West Ham would keep the integrity of the stadium intact. They would keep the running track around the football pitch and wouldn't knock the whole thing down only to build it back up again from scratch. So what if Harry Redknapp says it will lessen the atmosphere to have the fans further away from the action? If West Ham are willing to accept this downside then good for them. THIS IS AN ATHLETICS STADIUM IN THE FIRST INSTANCE HARRY.

It drives me mad and today we've heard that the decision that was due on Friday has now been postponed so I'm going to have to put up with more discussion on a debate that is so redundant, it's beyond belief.

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  1. I find it ridiculous that this wasn't decided at the bidding stage and a proper legacy wasn't in place. Had it been the stadium could have been better designed for the multi purpose it should have. Typical fiasco. Surely only West Ham's offer is close to our original bid.

    I'm amazed Andy Gray and Richard Keys still have jobs. I suppose they are lucky that they have been integral to Sky's coverage for the last 18/19 years, absolute disgrace though. It is pleasing that Sian showed them up and almost all of the coverage has been against them subsequently.