Thursday, 6 January 2011

Ceredigion Launches It's 'Yes to Wales' Campaign

I was very pleased to have been present at the launch of Ceredigion's 'Yes to Wales' campaign in Aberystwyth last night.

In a launch of what will be an energetic campaign, it was great to see a full hall of some 175 or so, ready for the battle ahead.

An All-Party Effort
It was important for the campaign to see figures from the 4 main Welsh political parties at the launch. The evening was presided over in a measured way by the calm hand of former Labour MP, the highly respected cross-bencher Lord Elystan Morgan. We then heard from Ceredigion's Welsh Liberal Democrat MP Mark Williams, Plaid Cymru's Ceredigion AM Elin Jones, and former Conservative AM Lisa Francis.

An All-Community Effort
But it wasn't just a political affair. This March 3rd referendum on securing a much more straightforward and sensible devolution settlement for Wales will be won by the residents of Ceredigion and of the other counties of Wales and not by the politicians that lead them.

So it was great to see businessmen and teachers also speak in favour of a 'Yes' vote. The audience also contributed and showed commitment to the cause as well.

But now we need to lead by example. It's now a matter of going out on the door-steps and delivering leaflets through doors and setting-up street stalls throughout the county. We need to explain why a 'Yes' vote will benefit the residents of Ceredigion.

The work begins here.

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