Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Cardigan's First XV (A Cardi Rugby Poem)

This excellent poem was published in the Cardigan Tivy Side Advertister last week.

In it, author Ron Waldron reminds us of the battle between Lord Rhys and the Normans and envisages, with a rugby analogy, which 15 Cardigan residents would be best placed to lead that battle if ever it were repeated.

It is very much a poem for 'Cardis', as the names are all local to us but I was pleasantly surprised that I was included at Number 9 - Scrum Half!

I've put a note at the bottom of the poem to explain who each individual is - it makes the poem read even better when you realise how Ron has cleverly put it together!

Cardigan's First XV
Though rugby's now much cleaner
I thought it would be right
To start up front with Melfydd George
In case they pick a fight.

And when as fists were flying
Things got from bad to worse
His fellow prop from Oernant
Could remember them, in verse.

Then, Dai Pen-lan as Hooker
The wizard of the sums
And also when it's added up
As asset in the scrums.

And then there's Father Seamus
Who'll wear the shirt with pride
He's reckoned to be harder
Than Willie John McBride.

And Wynford's pleasant manner
Would drive opponents mad
He'd smile and play, he'd charm the ref,
And he's also Deiniol's dad.

You need that something special
To play at number six
And that is why I'm tepmpted
To put Catrin in the mix.

A fast and clever flanker
Can make the others play
And here again we're lucky
For Llwyd is Tony Gray.

At number eight there's Gwynfi,
A mountain of a man,
It's taken us nine hundered years
To knit his Cardigan.

Behind the pack it's vital
To have a young Mark Cole
He's always there in every picture
And always on the ball.

At outside half Wyn Lewis
Conductor of the band
For he can set the tempo
Just with a sleight of hand.

At centre, to block channels
Lyn Jenkins has his say
And he'll have the guts to tackle
Big boys who'll come his way.

Still fresh from last year's trimpuh
Ceri Wyn would leave them dead
Crash tackling in the centre
Blue basin on his head.

And on the fringe, Aneurin
A spirit bold and free
A finisher with vision
And a touch of artistry.

We've got in Colin Phillips
A winger ready made
And with the battle over
He could pick up some trade.

And there would be no conceding
Our prospects would be fine
While there's an Adams-Lewis
To guard the language line.

So should the Normans try again
To win at Banc Y Warin
The Arglwydd Rhys in this lot's blood
Once more would send them packing.

Ron Waldron, Cardigan

Melfydd George - A 'larger than life' Cardigan Town Councillor and former Mayor.
Emyr Oernant - Another 'larger than life' local farmer and poet.
Dai Pen-lan - Another 'larger than life' retired local personality and accountant.
Father Seamus - Well regarded retired Catholic priest and local historian.
Wynford Jones - Well liked Cardigan Town Council Clerk and also father to Welsh rugby international player Deiniol Jones.
Catrin Miles - Current Deputy Mayor of Cardigan and a Ceredigion County Councillor.
Llwyd Edwards - Local architect and a Cardigan Town Councillor. A twice Mayor of Cardigan.
Gwynfi Jenkins - 'Father' to the Town Council and a 3 times Mayor of Cardigan.
Mark Cole - That'll be me!
Wyn Lewis - Local farmer and conductor to local National Eisteddfod winning choir, Ar Ol Tri.
Lyn Jenkins - Local farmer and businessman who has a reputation for taking on the authorities.
Ceri Wyn Jones - Local Chair and Crown winning National Eisteddfod poet (Blue basin meaning his crown).
Aneurin Jones - Famed local artist.
Colin Phillips - Well known local funeral director!
John Adams-Lewis - A Cardigan and Ceredigion County Councillor. A twice Mayor of Cardigan.

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