Tuesday, 21 December 2010

The King's Speech

I like a good film and I enjoy the whole cinematic experience - I have ever since I was a child.

Having said that, I don't go to the cinema half as much as I should. Mostly that's down to a lack of time as my work commitments take over but also because I often find there's little on that I want to watch.

I've always liked 'real-life' stories - particulary if they are actually based in reality. There are rarely that many about so I'm not often found chomping at the bit waiting to go to the cinema with excitement.

King George VI
Well, for once, I am. January 7th is the day when British cinemas shall be shown the dramatisation of a true and incredible story - that of King George VI and his battle to overcome a debilitating stammer.

'Bertie', as he was known to his family, was in this historian's opinion one of the most under-rated monarchs of modern British times. He only reigned for 15 years but in that time he led, alongside Churchill, his country through the ravages of war. He did so despite his condition and despite the fact that he had never expected to carry the mantle of Kingship. As Duke of York, he should never have had to have dealt with the pressure of being King but his brother's abdication (my father incidently was born during King Edward VIII's short reign of Jan-Dec 1936) to marry the divorced American love of his life shook the monarchy to its foundation and put on the throne a man who detested public speaking.

This film looks to explore and delve into these issues and it should be an absolute treat.

I found The Queen, starring Oscar Winning Helen Mirren to be absolutely absorbing and I have no doubt that her father's story will be the same. It is already being critically acclaimed and has been nominated for 7 Golden Globes. Colin Firth's acting in the lead role has been widely approved and with the likes of Helena Bonham Carter, Derek Jacobi and Timothy Spall in the line-up also, the production just oozes confidence and class.

Here is a snippet...

It seems to show signs of being another 'The Madness of King George' which excelled under the wonderful leadership of Nigel Hawthorne.

I can't wait!

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  1. Now were talkin'! Mark - your take on movies! Kings Speech is Britains hope for Oscars this year ... and im sure Firth will nab it. Its frustratin that its been released in the US already ... but yes, i'll be watching it as soon as it is released!