Saturday, 4 December 2010

Killer Corrie Quotes (No.3) - Hilda & Stan Ogden

Next Monday sees a great tram crash in Coronation Street. It sets the scene for a dramatic week of deaths, a wedding and a birth - just a normal week in suburban Manchester then!

It will culminate with the soap celebrating its 50th birthday next Thursday, 9th December with a live 1 hour episode.

To pay tribute to the world's longest current runnning soap, I'm blogging a quote a day from Corrie's past up until the big day.

They were and probably still are, the finest husband-and-wife double act that has graced the Cobbles these past 50 years. Their real-life humour lit up our screens and Jean Alexander's portrayal of a devastated wife when she mourned the death of her on-screen husband after his off-screen alter ego Bernard Youens had passed away in real-life, brought tears to those who watched it.

Indeed, Bill Tarmey who as Jack Duckworth would play one half of the next famous husband-and-wife partnership alongside Elizabeth Dawn, said in a radio interview just days ago that he cried when he saw Jean, as Hilda practise the famour post-funeral scene, then again when she acted it to be filmed and cried for a third time when it was screened on TV.

So, from Hilda to her much loved husband, quote No.3...

"You know what your trouble is, Stan? You're lax - lax from the neck up and relax from the neck down" - Hilda Ogden to husband Stan Ogden

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