Monday, 20 December 2010

The Fear of (Xmas) Shopping

Ho Ho Ho!

The season of good will is with us though the weather has come with it.

Cardigan town has escaped the worst of the snow this last week. We've had a fair deal over the weekend but certainly nothing compared to other areas of the county and indeed the rest of the country.

I've been out xmas shopping in town and delivering my annual Councillor Xmas greetings leaflet around my ward during the past few days and now only have about a quarter left to deliver. But it's been pretty slippy out there - particularly off the main roads of the town centre.

But that hasn't deterred the shoppers. The town has been pretty busy today which is pleasing to see considering that many of the out-lying areas have been suffering from the snow much more than we have here in the town.

Personally, for one who doesn't enjoy shopping at the best of times, the thought of Xmas shopping usually fills me with dread. Many people simplify the process by shopping early for deals online, but others postpone, until running to stores at the last minute is the only option. In recent years, I've been known to fall into this latter category and have been found out shopping on Christmas Eve and then wrapping it all that evening. With 9 nephews/nieces, older siblings and of course my mother to cater for, it has always been a mini-nightmare.

Fighting the Fear
Thankfully this year I've been that bit more organised. It begins simply by deciding to give my nephews and nieces £10 each. Because with them now ranging from 2-13 years in age, the chances are that I'm either going to buy them something that they don't want or something that they already have. So giving some money should hopefully be my best bet. I certainly recall liking cash as a present when I was younger - I could use it for what I wanted then!

So that has left me with presents to buy for my Alyson, for her parents, for my mother and for her friend Ray. Impressively for me, with 5 days to go, I have now completed the job! This is slightly unheard of for me but it's good news for sure. I've also sent off all of my Christmas cards! I've even bought the bows and name cards for the presents (I'm actually, you may be surprised to read, a decent dab hand when it comes to wrapping presents) and I hope to wrap the presents all up now tonight which leaves me free to complete the delivery of my Councillor Xmas greetings leaflet over the next few days.

So, for once, I've made the whole shopping experience that little bit more reasonable for myself.

But that doesn't mean I like shopping...

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  1. I dont like shopping too, but it s necessary to participate.