Sunday, 5 December 2010

Coronation Street Tram Crash Week SPOILER PREVIEW


I've just visited the official Coronation St website and on it, it has a 2 minute spoiler preview for the week ahead. 

An explosion at the Joinery sets off a terrifying chain of deadly events that leads to the tram crash as the week unfolds.

There will be episodes each night of the week and they will be played in 'real-time'. Every minute of the unfolding drama will play itself in the same way that '24' did.

It's going to be the biggest thing the cobbles of Coronation St has ever seen in 50 years and is quite likely to be the most dramatic fictional television that will ever have been broadcast on British TV.

It looks unbelievable, incredible, stunning. It begins tomorrow evening. Fasten your seat belts and hold on tight, because it's going to be epic, it's going to be emotional.

This is a week we'll be talking about for years to come. The Cobbles are never going to be the same again...


  1. Rita, Molly, Claire, and Dev are my shout!!

  2. Mine are Molly, Ashley, Janice and Charlotte (John's stalker who he does in).

    We'll see!

    Who is this anonymous writer anyway...put your name where your mouth is!

  3. I say peter, molly, rita and Dev will be killed

  4. molly, baby jack, ashley and charlotte (already dead, corrie was just on =])

  5. Who is this anonymous? You'll win no prizes when you get it right!

  6. Ashley Molly and Rita will die an peter will turn to drink because he blames himself for his best mates death!