Thursday, 18 November 2010

A Curious Lib Dem Blogger

I was having a rare look through the Lib Dem Voice website earlier and was quite amazed to stumble across this week's Top of the Blogs: The Lib Dem Golden Dozen which includes a blog post that I wrote last week on the NUS London Protest that backfired.

Featured on Liberal Democrat Voice

This is the first time that I'm aware of that one of my blog posts has made the weekly 'Golden Dozen' on Lib Dem Voice. It came in at No.5 in this week's list and unless I'm mistaken, that means it was the 5th most read blog post of any Lib Dem blog that is on the extensive Lib Dem Blogs Aggregator during the past week.

This really has come as a pleasant surprise because here's the thing, the whole 'blogosphere' is still a very curious thing for me.

Into the Deep
Having derided it for years, I made a failed attempt to get my blog going at the start of last year. After a handful of posts, it went quiet. Only back in September have I made a concerted effort to get it up-and-running properly. I had some spare time and decided to go for it. That first month saw me publishing at what for me was the schizophrenic pace of a post a day - I felt that I needed to get into it quickly and to get the blog read in the first instance. I know of some excellent blogs by the likes of Andrew Reeves, Alex Folkes, and Peter Black AM who often write on average more than a blog post a day but as my October and November blogging figures show, I'm settling down into more of a 'one blog post every two days' kind of routine.

That's the kind of pace I'm happy with and have time for but in the meantime, I can't help but notice that there's a whole world of blogging in general and political blogging in particular out there which I'm trying to get my head around. I'm no computer 'whizz kid' but I'm getting by and on my own merits am getting handier in running what I hope is an attractive enough looking and readable blog.

Still Learning
But there's still things I see others doing which I haven't done yet but which I'd like to get my head around sorting such as getting the LibDig stuff on each of my blog posts.

So I'm still rather green to all of this to be honest but I must admit it is an enjoyable way of venting my feelings on signicant political matters or just on normal, everyday issues that are of interest to me.

This particular Golden Dozen first is particularly pleasing simply because it must show that there are also readers out there who take an interest in my views and opinions and for that I must thank you.

Please keep reading, please feel free to comment on my posts and just as importantly, if you have any opinions on how I can improve my blog either in the style of writing or in the design of the site itself, then please get in touch - it's a great big learning curve I can tell you!


  1. Well done Mark, and thanks for reading.

    Helen Duffett

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