Saturday, 30 October 2010

Proud to be a 'Ginger Rodent'

I've never really embraced what many would argue is my 'gingeriness'.

I'm more of an auburn, a rusty blonde as I'd see it.

Poor Show Harriet, Poor Show
But, I'm more than happy to embrace and join in with my ginger friends in defiance of that Labour rodent, Harriet Harman.

It's interesting to see a former Minister for Equalities, slamning the "ginger rodent", Danny Alexander in her speech today to the Scottish Labour Party Confernce. Not very fair and equal is it Harriet?

Fair play to Danny, his Twitter response was spot on. He stated that he was proud to be ginger and that "rodents do valuable work cleaning up mess others leave behind" before adding that the "Red squirrel deserves to survive, unlike Labour."

Same Old Labour
This just demonstrates just how pathetic Labour continue to be, even out of government.

It must be said that Harriet Harman has since apologised to Danny Alexander for her remark, admitting that it was "wrong".

I expect her speech was written by a member of staff who thought this a particularly amusing ruse that would go down well with the party faithful. Shame on Harriet then as a former Equalities Minister, for not thinking out the repercussions of her words.

 Power to the Gingers
So in support of my fellow gingers, I'm happy to join their cause against the failed ridicule of a Deputy Leader of the Labour Party.

I doubt that Harriet would be willing to call the likes of Prince Harry, Peter Black, Wilma Flintstone, Ariel the Mermaid, Queen Elizabeth I, Ginger Spice, Chuck Norris, Mick Hucknall, and Nicole Kidman a 'rodent', so she's rightly been derided for doing so to Danny Alexander in what was a cheap political stunt.

More power to the ginger elbow.


  1. Chuck Norris vs Harriet Harman...that it a fight I would pay to see.