Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Parky eats Bacon for Lunch

I happened to come across this blog piece (A Lanson Boy: Parky sticks it to Richard Bacon) by Alex Folkes that emanated from a Radio 5 Live interview yesterday between Richard Bacon and Michael Parkinson on the subject of Russell Brand.

Whilst I'm not the biggest 'Parky' fan in the world, it's difficult to not hold much respect for a man who has a mamouth media history to his name having interviewed pretty much every 'big name' that there was to interview during his time at the top.

Richard Bacon on the other hand, I regard closer to a z-list media operator. I don't rate his interviewing technique and there's something about his manner which I find rather irksome.

Here, Parky has Bacon on the ropes on the whole 'Russell Brand-gate' affair when he called Andrew Sachs and left a rather ill-thought out (that's being diplomatic) message on his answering machine.

Parky is clearly revelling in the topic of conversation and the fact that he clearly has Bacon on the back-foot. There are times when Bacon looks incredibly defensive, sitting back in his chair, taking hit after hit from this aged media master.

It deserves to be seen again (and it is great actually being able to see a Radio interview as well as listen to it because the body language gives away so much extra to the tension of the interview) and again if only to exemplify how poor Richard Bacon is and to hear a good old fashioned take on what was in my opinion, a pretty disgraceful waste of my BBC License fee.

So, for the next 6 days, here it is. Well done Parky.

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