Saturday, 11 September 2010

Welsh Dragon Flying High & Proud at Last Night of the Proms

Photograph: Dan Chung

I'm a keen classical fan and have been known to watch the BBC Proms from time to time when the programme takes my fancy.

As a child I used to enjoy the Last Night of the Proms though I watch it less nowadays.

But I've happened to be watching it tonight and am greatly pleased to have seen so many flags proudly being waved in the Albert Hall.

Particularly, it's great to see so many Welsh Dragons being flown so enthusiastically there tonight.

We are an Union of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and I for one am a proud Unionist.

Seeing the flags of Wales, Scotland, England, Northern Ireland, the Union Jack those of the Commonwealth and of none reminds me one undeniable truth.

We're stronger together and weaker apart.


  1., would you see a place for Y Ddraig Goch on a redesigned Union flag? Particularly if UK formally became a federation.

  2. Heia Carwyn.

    If it were do-able, why not? Our flag is quite strikingly different to the others mind so it would be an artistic challenge!