Friday, 10 September 2010

A Thought-Provoking 80th Birthday Poem

An 80+ year old friend of mine wrote this excellent and thought-provoking poem on reaching his 80th birthday.

Please read it and pass it on to your Member of Parliament and to everyone else you know.

Birthday Ode
I've reached the age of eighty, and to celebrate the day,
The generous hand of government will now increase my pay.
Now that I'm old, and tired, and needy, they have come to my defence.
And with fanfare from the trumpets give twenty five whole bright new pence.
A munificent addition, which I'll wisely spend, and well,
The main problem's where to start on it, it's really hard to tell.
Two ounces more of butter, or a half an ounce of cheese,
Half an apple, half a 'Mars Bar', which one will really please?
The weather's feeling cold today, perhaps I'll stay in bed,
For a single hour's electric fire will put me in the red.
I could walk to the newsagents, read the headlines in the press,
But with war, and sex, and politicians, it's likely to depress.
So I'll just put on the kettle and make a cup of tea,
The cost of doing it's the value that they put on you and me.
I'd like to write to my MP, as an old and needy 'Gramp',
And send it them by first class post, if I could afford a stamp.
I notice that their salaries are always kept in line,
With the increased cost of living, and the rising price of wine.
Do they ever stop to think that those now eighty years of age,
Have worked since nineteen forty four for salary or wage.
We all survived a war in which so many others died,
To keep this country free and fair, a matter of some pride.
Our governments find money for all they choose to do,
Go to war, or build an airport for the benefit of few.
So why not push the boat out, make it fifty pence instead,
We might say an extra thank you when we kneel down by the bed.
The efforts of our lives have been the fuel creating wealth,
We'd like just a little more of it to keep us in good health.
P.E.B Written on 7th December 2008

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