Monday, 13 September 2010

The Love of Laughter (Part II) Eric Morecambe

I mentioned in my earlier blog post, that of all of the comedic talents that I have come across, one stands head and shoulders above the rest.

I challenge anyone to name me a naturally funnier man than Eric Morecambe. I merely have to think of him and I'm smiling.

A normal family man who could make people laugh at the drop of a hat. Not a profanity in sight. None was needed. The look of his face was enough.

I've had to dedicate a whole blog post to this, the funniest of men, as there's too much to show to mix him in with the rest who follow in his wake.

Of course, Ernie Wise was half of the act. They worked so well together. The best of double acts bar none. But it was always Eric that made me smile the most.

We begin with the wonderful 'Andre Previn' sketch. The sight of the orchestra in the background falling around laughing is a treat.

He's "Playing all the right notes, but not necessarily in the right order"...

The 'Tom Jones' sketch is indelibly marked in my memory. Tom Jones can barely contain his amusement at Eric and Ernie clowning around beside him.

Then there's the singing and dancing. The wonderful 'There is Nothing Like a Dame' routine with famous faces from the BBC accompanying in the background demonstrated that Eric and Ernie were not just a gag act but could do much on top.

Ernie was definitely the 'straight' man and Eric the 'funny' man. Their 'Singing in the Rain' sketch showed this perfectly.

The 'Stripper' Breakfast routine is comic perfection. They really don't do anything like this anymore do they? Absolute genius.

Then there's their scenes in the flat. Everyone who was anyone wanted to be on the Morecame & Wise Show and Cliff Richard was one of them. Here they are, with Cliff, with an amusing back mention to the Tom Jones sketch that went before.

But taking it all in and going back to the beginning, the reason why I love Eric Morecambe and by definition really, Ernie Wise also, is because they were just a simple force for good.

No malice. No hatred. No anger.

Just pure joy and an ambition to make others smile. What better person in the world is there than one who wants to make others laugh and be happy?

I close with two final clips that sum Eric Morecambe and Ernie Wise up. If more people in this mixed up, confused old world in which we live followed their following advice, we would surely be living in a better place.

'Positive Thinking' is what they were all about and they 'Brought us Sunshine' with their gentle but irresistable humour.

Eric and Ernie, thank you.

What do think of it so far? Rubbish...

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